Some Awesome and Cool Tea Party Games Ideas !

Sample Tea Party Games for Kids and Adults -:Tea Party Games
For as far as I can remember (well, I am not yet too old), ladies had consistently honored one
another through a tea party. Friends alternately host this party to get-together. There are many events that are celebrated with this kind of socials. And currently, when finances turn restrictive, tea parties become more popular. With it, the gathering is very cost effective. With the tea party games, kids and adults alike enjoy unstoppable fun.
Many events are now based around this kind of party; preparation is non-fussy unless you are planning a high tea party. If you want it to be themed you still go with the basic essentials. But this becomes inexpensive because of the foods to serve. Have you not noticed that the biggest expense in hosting a party is in the foods? With a tea party, guests would not envisage elaborate meals because what are normally served are finger sandwiches, bite sized cakes and pastries and of course the star of the party – tea. Despite being simplistic, the tea party games and activities will always be present to provide liveliness and fun.

Why is there a need for Tea Party Games? :

All kinds of parties need some activities to give pleasure to the guests. Mere singing and dancing can suffice. If the guests do not sing or dance they cannot just sit down and stare at each other. In a tea party, more kinds of activities are expected. As this kind of social gathering developed, the concept of tea party games became integrated. This will keep the guests alive and will enable them to mingle and know each other, especially if the group of visitors is diverse.
The games and activities will vary – age appropriate. To start with, dig deep into your imagination. Although the tea party games are supposed to be age related, you can innovate some to be applicable to all ages. Here are some games for kids and also for adults.

Giving the kids fun with activities-Tea Party Games For Kids

One interesting activity for kids is to play “dress-up”. You can engage mother and daughter in a
contest – a dressed-up relay or fastest to dress up in princess attire. The creative talent of kids can come out with small craft project. Children are provided art materials like scissors, crayons, glue, construction paper, beads, stickers and glitters to create the designated craft project. For princess themed party, the craft can be design-a-tiara contest. For fairy tale theme create a wand contest. For cars-themed, you can have a contest on fastest toy cars or design the best car. You can also have for a starter the “find the object game” and “bring me tea party games”. These are all popular and familiar games commonly played in children’s parties as well as school activities.

Games for Adults:-

For a tea party activity for ladies, one great game is “open the purse” game. Each lady guest
opens her bag or purse and get whatever object is asked to be brought to the leader. The leader asks for a lipstick, a photo of the spouse or child, grocery receipt, mirror, pen, diary, gum or any other thing that is a usual girl thing. The guest who brings the most number of items gets a prize.Great Tea Party Games
If you have a diverse group for guests, you can play the “two and one game”. Here is the mechanics of the game. Each designated guest tells three things about herself. Two tales are correct and one is false. A pinpointed guest is made to guess the wrong tale. For example, she tells her age, her birthday and her employer. This is a great tea party game that will make each guest know about the others. Some also call this “getting to know you” game.
Any would-be host should know different tea party games. These activities will enliven your affair and your guests will develop rapport among themselves. Because of your fun activities, friends will always look forward to receive invitations from you.

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