Learn How To Prepare For Bridal Shower Tea Party

Bridal Shower Tea PartyOne of the best gifts to a marrying relative or friend is throwing a bridal shower party for her. Learn how to prepare bridal shower tea party.
A Perfect Bridal Shower Tea Party Is How You Plan It.
Wedding is one of the most important occasions in the life of your daughter, best friend or bosom relative. Your best gift to her is planning and giving her a bridal shower. It does not have to be very elaborate but you can pamper her with a well-organized bridal shower tea party. This is simple and would not be very complicated to require you to hire the services of an events planner.
A bridal shower is the same as wedding shower. However, it differs from a bachelorette party. In order for you not to err in the preparation, let us distinguish the bridal shower party from the bachelorette party. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party; it may be themed so guests can give the right kind of gift. It can be a kitchen, lingerie, bathroom, bedroom or any other theme where the gift can be useful in the couple’s new chapter in life. This is prepared by one of the close friends, relatives or family. A bachelorette party normally consists of the future bride and closest friends. As a last hurrah in the bride-to-be’s single-hood; the group can go to a bar or anywhere for a “night out” to do some silly girl things.
One of the best wedding showers that you can plan for the marrying friend or relative is a bridal shower tea party. This is simple and not too expensive.

Bridal shower tea party originated from British afternoon tea

Tea parties today are already very common among Americans, Canadians and Australians, an influence of the British from where tea parties originated. These European people relish spending their mid-afternoons with light snacks of biscuits served with tea. This developed into customary leisurely tea time. Many parties were held at this time that led to the birth of tea parties. The parties’ format was adopted for wedding shower and thus bridal shower tea party became popular.
For tea parties, light snacks were served with tea. But then again, the tea parties were enhanced to serve heavy snacks or meals and thus were termed high tea parties. Of course, tea will still be served.

Who prepares for the bridal shower?

It is common practice that the bride-to-be picks her best friend or sister to assume the role of bride’s maid or maid-of-honor. With this assignment, you can step up and take charge of the bridal shower tea party. You will consider different themes – one that will be best enjoyed by the bride-to-be. You have to keep in mind that the party is in her honor so you have to consider her personality. You know what she would need in her new milestone. So – why don’t you give in to her wishes and plan the bridal shower tea party in accordance to her desires?

Ideas for a fabulous bridal shower

Here are the most basic things when planning the bridal shower tea party.

  • Attire
  • Venue and decor
  • Food

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitations CardDo not ever make the mistake to think that since there are only a few guests, the invitation would not be necessary anymore. Perhaps to you it is not, but for the future bride it is. This will be a part of the memoirs of her wedding. Besides, the invitation is very essential because it will already tell your invited person of attire, venue, time, food and gift. For the attire, it could be casual wear as it is held in mid-afternoon however guests and celebrant can all dress up in fancy dresses, with heeled shoes and matching hats.
There are many great possible locations or venues for the bridal shower tea party. You are the main host and you can hold it in your place or in one of the guest’s place. You may choose a fancy tea room or a private function room in a restaurant. Have the place set up or decorated with the party’s theme. As you have considered the likes of the bride, you might as well incorporate in the décor the favorite colors and flowers of the bride. Foods for tea parties are simple – finger foods and light snacks – but never forget to serve great-tasting tea. You can lace the tea with some alcohol to make it cocktail drinks. As bridal showers are gift giving parties, too, the party theme will tell what types of things the future bride should receive in the tea party.

Video On How To Host A Bridal Shower Tea Party :

The bridal shower tea party is given to a would-be bride by a relative, parent or friend. The primary considerations in planning the wedding shower are invitations, venue, attire, decorations, food and gift.

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