How To Greatly Design Tea Party Invitations!

Tuck the Teabag – Learn How to Design Tea Party Invitations:
Design Tea Party Invitations Have you been receiving invitations to tea parties? It may be common that the hosts usually pick designs with teabags tucked or attached to a flap of the card. You can easily do this and you will only need a few materials to design tea party invitations. You can turn the ordinary into a special kind – depending on how you crafted your invitation.
If you had been used to buying your invitations from your local stationery store think about doing the invitation yourself. You might be accustomed to this craft and ultimately end up having your own version every time there is a party to be hosted.
Altogether, let us learn how to make great tea party invitations. Have you determined how many cards you are going to make? This will correspond to the number of guests to invite, plus a few reserved cards for spoilage or last minute additional guests.

Design tea party invitations – have the materials ready

Go to your stationery shop and pick these papers.

  • Envelopes{Buy From AmazonWhite Envelopes, 50 Count }
    – Do you want to use plain colored papers? You can also have back to back papers, the front being plain and the inside part being printed with the theme or occasion.
  • Basic card – Get the same number of cards as the number of paper for the envelopes.Tea Party Invitations Tea Bag
  • Embellishments of choice – These are dependent on the theme and the kind of tea party.
  • Equipment – Pair of scissors, pencil, ruler, pen, computer and printer, stickers

Learning how to make great tea party invitations – the basic cards

Princess Tea Party InvitationsThe design of  tea party invitations is a product of your creative mind. If you want to get some ideas, you go online and Google for images or design of tea party invitations.
Start cutting the cardboard into the size of your card. Do you want a one-piece card or a folded two-piece card? Repeat until you have the desired number of cards. Are you going to print the images direct on the card or are you cutting out then gluing them? Print your tea-themed images on the preferred part of the card. If you are using cut out images, cut them and glue them. You are having teabag pockets so cut them too, ensuring that your tea bag will fit in it. Glue the three sides and insert the teabag.
The basic card is almost complete. Now, print or write the details on a piece of paper– name of the celebrant or host, venue, time and date. In a corner at the bottom, write RSVP details. Glue this to the basic card. If you are adding embellishments, do it now.

Making the envelopes of your Tea Party Invitations

Design Tea Party Invitations EnvelopesNow, for the last step – make the design tea party envelopes. If you are using a two-sided envelope, put together the plain and printed papers. Trace the shape on the material for the envelope. Glue the two together. With the printed page on the inside part, assemble your envelope by gluing the seams. Let dry. Repeat the process until the desired number is completed.
Take a look at the final product of your creative design tea party invitation ideas. Satisfied on your achievement on how to make great party invitations, you will now place each card in the individual envelope. Using the sticker, seal the envelope. The last step is to address each card – name and address of your invited guest. Distribute them now. The remaining chore is preparing for the tea party day.

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