Get Free Printable Tea Party Invitations

Usually, it’s much more beneficial to get a printable template of an invitation card rather than making it at home or ordering it online or from a shop. If you want Free Printable Tea Party Invitations templates, you’ve come to the right place.

Printing a Tea Party Invitation at home can save both time and money especially if you are getting them for free.

What is a Printable Tea Party Invitation?

A Printable Tea Party Invitation is a ready made invitation card that you can print easily at your home. In most cases, you will still need to fill in details of your Tea Party such as whose party it, location, date, time and RSVP manually by hand. But it’s still better than creating whole cards by hand or ordering them from an expensive website.

I’ve attached and reviewed 5 Free Printable Tea Party Invitations Template below. You can print them at your home or give it to a professional invitation card printing shop to print it for you.

If you’re printing it at home, I recommend you use the print button provided with each of the invitation  card. However if the button doesn’t work, you can right click on it to save the image and then open and print the image.

Get Free Printable Tea Party Invitation

1] The below invitation card is a generic free printable tea party invitation template. I personally feel that this card could even work for any type of party – like a birthday party. It has amazing labelled fields that you can fill in after printing.

You can specify the “What” field as Tea Party or be more creative with something like “Princess Gisla’s Tea Party” or a simple “Jacky’s Tea Party”. Now to be completely honest, I found this invitation card from another blog while I was in need of free printable birthday party invitation cards and I recommend you go check it out as they have some amazing cards too.

Free Printable Tea Party Invitation


2] The below invitation template is a Tea Party Themed Printable Invitation. Unlike the invitation above, this one doesn’t have any labelled fields. I personally like this one as there’s much space to customise the card to my likening and it has some gorgeous designs as the borders which suits its intended niche. Use the button below to print this card or right click on it to save it.

Get Absolutely Free Printable Tea Party Invitation Cards


3]  The invitation template below also looks amazing. Like the template above, it also doesn’t have any labelled fields. However it leaves ample space for you to be able to customize it easily. It has an amazing Tea Kettle in the middle, which is what makes this a tea party themed invitation card. I would suggest entering your party details inside this kettle shape.

Download Printable Tea Party Invitations For Free


4] The below printable tea party invitation card is also aimed to be as simplistic as possible and let you decide how you want to customize it. It’s bottom is also made of several semi-circles that you can cut to make it look even more elegant. This free printable tea party invitation is suitable for you if you’re looking for a card that you want to customize heavily yet have the theme of a tea party.

Free Printable Tea Party Invitations


5] The below card is also a generic tea party printable invitation card that could really work any type of party – be it a birthday or a tea party. It has several dotted lines in order to guide you to fill in the party details such as the Location, Date, Time, RSVP. It is simplistic yet looks very neat with no unnecessary clutter.

How to get Amazing Free Printable Tea Party Invitations Card Template

Those are what I currently have. I might update this post in the future with more free printable tea party invitation card. Till then stay tuned to our blog.

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