How To Host A Tea Party – Great Yet Cheap!

Accessories and Party Favors: Essentials When You Host a Tea Party:
How to Host A Cheap Tea Party Afternoon tea is one of the best ways to break the monotony of the day, likewise to relax and slow down the hectic tasks of the day. This may have been the purpose when the British made this a customary habit. The modern world had adopted this and became a great way to inexpensively entertain visiting friends and family. The practice to host a tea party, because of the ease in preparation and kindness to the host’s budget, became a traditional way to celebrate different occasions.
You will find that festivities such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, baby and bridal showers and others are mostly in the form of tea parties. The tea party is very cost effective yet it can be elegant – whether it is a casual or a formal affair. You will find many mothers and wives getting accustomed in mastering how to host a great yet cheap tea party.
The preparations include invitations, decorations, foods, gifts and activities. Making the party really authentic and in line to what it really connotes, serving tea and finger foods are a must. And unfortunately the accessories to this as well as the party favors are often overlooked.

Special Way to Host a Tea Party

The aroma of brewing tea gives the guest a warm welcome or Host A Great Tea Partystart-up of the party. Hosting a tea party is not only for special celebrations. Oftentimes, you will have surprise guests or unexpected visitors in the afternoon; the cheap way to regale them is to offer tea and light snacks. Thus, you become an impromptu host to a tea party. It will then be time to get off your cabinet your special tea party accessories. Is your pantry full of special blends of tea – loose leaf and tea bags?

Learn How to Host a Great Yet Cheap Tea Party With Special Accessories

Serving guests the traditional British way is a special mode of hosting a tea party. How is this done? In Britain the tea as beverage is the English breakfast tea blend. This is served hot with milk. So – prepare it in a nice looking kettle with filtered water and served in your magnificent teapots. It does not matter if your tea kettle is electric or oven top as long as it brews tea tastefully. Praises will be accorded once you serve the snacks using your special tea pots, tea cups and

Tea Bags - Host A Cheap Tea Party
Tea Bags – Host A Cheap Tea Party

saucers and serving trays. There are other optional accessories that can add glamor to how you serve your tea – coasters, tea cooking timer, tea scoop, tea bag squeezer and others.
You may use either the tea bags type or the loose leaf tea, with the later as more impressive for its better quality. Be sure to educate yourself on the good brands of tea such as Tetley, Twinning’s and others.

Party favors make the Tea Party Memorable

If you are to host a tea party for a special event, you may opt for theme. Then, you should not forget to present your guests with souvenirs to take home. This will make the event very memorable to these visitors. Do not think that these party favors will defeat your purpose on hosting a cheap tea party. There are a lot of party favors that are really inexpensive. If you are crafty and creative, you can even make the souvenirs free of cost. What is important is that the party favor conforms to the tea party theme. Just bear in mind that you are giving your guest a keepsake.
It would be very easy to host a tea party. You just have to remember the details. The preparation should be complete with the tea accessories that will make tea drinking enjoyable. Your guest will be delighted if they have some souvenirs to bring home so do not forget to prepare inexpensive but theme-related party favors.

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