How to Make Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations !

How to Fashion Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations:
Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations A tea party is construed as a fun way of gathering a few guests to celebrate an important event or occasion. It comes with a theme that is normally hinted in the invitation. Thus when you receive such invitation, you are excited to open the envelope to see the theme. In Mad Hatter tea party invitations, you are more thrilled. It is not a “come as you are” theme but one that throws away whatever sophistication there is in the traditional tea party.
With Mad Hatter tea party, you expect a bit of silly things – nonsensical as was depicted in the story of “Alice in Wonderland”. This indeed predicts a fun event and if the party is intended for the enjoyment of children, you can expect that activities aim to explore the creative side of the young guests.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations patterned after “Alice in Wonderland”

So the theme of How to make Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitationsthe party is Mad Hatter. As a starter in planning, you have to conceive the Mad Hatter tea party invitations. To provide with ideas you can go back to the story where Alice and March Rabbit went to a tea party and found Mad Hatter there too. You meet the other characters that can be a part of the tea party invitations. You have the angry Queen of Hearts. You also notice the clocks and watches announcing tea time. The story also tells about the impoliteness of people towards Alice and was expressed through riddles and nonsensical rhymes, verses and poems. You can now get here ideas on how you will make you Mad Hatter tea party invitations, along with the possible attires and party favors.

Suggested designs for the invitations

The Mad Hatter theme is characterized by mismatched and wacky items. Here are some possible designs of the Mad Hatter tea party invitations.
Have the Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations Designimage of Alice in Wonderland. You can also include an image of Mad Hatter.
You can have the “Queen of Hearts” from the playing cards or you can have a bigger version. At the back, you can have the details of the tea party.
You can have a cut out hat in purple, lime green, sunshine yellow colors.
You can have a black and white checkerboard for the background of the invitation.
Using your creativity, you can mix and match the suggestions to come up with more festive Mad Hatter party invitations.
Try to write the details in the card the way Mad Hatter does. You can include nonsense and silly rhymes. Some suggested wordings are “The Queen of Hearts invites you to…” or “Follow the White Rabbit to…”. You can go online to get more ideas. The Mad Hatter tea party invitations are very fun to do.

Requests to the guests as specified in the invitations

Your invitations should be clear about the attire. You can just state Mad Hatter Tea Party Hatthat they can wear anything provided they have hats on their heads. Or if you want it to be more elaborate, you can ask your guests to pick any character from the story and come in that costume. If the celebrant is a girl, do ask the guest not to dress as Alice because you are reserving that for the celebrant. If the celebrant is a boy you can have him attired as the funny Mad Hatter.
Alice in Wonderland is a theme that many hosts would love to have. There is creativity and fun especially in the crafting of the Mad Hatter tea party invitations. And there are great activities to ask the guests to do such as hat-designing contest or funny rhyme reciting.


  1. Excellent blog post. You’ve been of great help at times when me or my friends are hosting a tea party. Created some beautiful invitations too. Keep writing!


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