Best Ideas To Make Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations !

Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations – Check the Theme:
The purpose of a wedding shower is to celebrate the new milestone in Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitationsthe bride’s life. The party is a big moment for her to share her last days of single-hood with her family, closest friends and relatives. Traditionally, this kind of party is hosted by the bride’s immediate family members, maid-of-honor who is in most cases her best friend or for cost reasons, jointly by her group of friends in coordination with the bride’s family. These people all together think of the best tea party bridal shower invitations to mark the special and momentous event.
The wedding shower’s theme and the tea party bridal shower invitations do not necessarily follow the matrimony theme. The shower party is expected to be whimsical, informal, colorful and capricious. As such it follows that the tea party bridal shower invitations are also of the same festive air. This is the result of the decision of modern people where they tend to step away from the traditional form of wedding showers.
At this instant, the guests enjoy the opportune time to shower the future “Mrs.” with their gifts, love, affection and best wishes. Despite being a part of tradition that runs from many centuries, the modern form of wedding showers had taken a bend from the old practices, giving way to different themes and varied form of tea party bridal shower invitations.
You might find it interesting to read about designing the tea party invitations
The list of nice wedding showers is long but there usually is one or two that stand out. For me I have three.

  1. Month of the year theme
  2. Stock the – theme
  3. Total make-over theme

The prepared tea party bridal shower invitations will conform to these. The invitations are not as formal as the wedding invitation but are not as informal as most birthday tea party invites. Let us say, they are in-between the casual and the formal but still come in stunning appearance.
I would still opt to have the image of the bride in the tea party bridal shower invitations. You can go for the one page, folded two-page or three-folds.

”Month of the year” – Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations:

Month of The Year Tea Party Bridal Shower InvitationsFor the “month of the year” theme, the bride can expect twelve kinds of gifts, a gift for each month of the year. The difference of these tea party shower invitations is the inclusion of a loose leaf. You can divide the loose leaf into 12 squares each again is a month of the year. You can shade one square for a particular invitee. Different guests will find different shaded squares. What is the use of these shaded portions? Your gift to the future bride is one item that she could use for the month. For instance, if you get a December shaded part, your gift for her could be a sweater, thermal underwear or anything she could use for the winter month or for Christmas. If the shaded area is a summer month, your gift can be a pair of flip flop, picnic basket, hat or a swimsuit.
The host will take charge in preparing the loose page and if she chooses, the tea party bridal shower invitations are distributed randomly to create thrill and a bit of excitement.

Designing the invitation for ”Stock the –“ theme

You can always stick to any bridal shower design that you might be able to buy from the nearby stationery shop. Or you can find templates from the web and print them. Then, you can just add a caption to let the guest know the theme.
The second theme that I would recommend is the “Stock the __” theme. You do not leave the blank portion as is. You, in coordination with the bride, can fill in the blank with pantry, bar, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. So when you place in the invitation – “Stock the pantry”, this means that the gifts to the bride-to-be are things that will fill their pantry after the wedding. If it is “Stock the bedroom”, guests can gift her with pillows, linens and even lingerie. Ideas for “Stock the bar” are liquors, wines, mixers or bar materials like shaker, shot or wine glasses or ice bucket.

”Total make-over theme” to pamper the bride-to-be and guests

Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations Total Make-OverThe “Total make-over” tea party bridal shower invitations are intended for few guests. This aims to pamper the bride as well as the guests. You can hire professional make-up artists and hair dressers to give each one a total beauty make-over. This day of pampering is one experience you will all share and cherish.
The tea party bridal shower invitations can be the same for all the suggested themes. The difference will just be the statement of the theme in an inserted loose page, back flop of the invitation or in any eye-catching part of the card.

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