Princess Tea Party Ideas – Best Of the Bests!

A tea party theme for a girl’s birthday could be easy to pick. But it is not easy to prepare. Get here some princess tea party ideas.
Princess Tea Party Ideas Taken from Three Disney Movies :
Princess Tea Party Ideas Walt Disney movies are always top grosser and every movie brings in money to the movie outfit and awards to the directors, actors, cinematographers and more. Disney knows how to appeal to the little girls with stories about princesses, although those are not original stories created by Walt Disney but only adaptations from different fairy tales. The female principal characters are role models such that many princess tea party ideas are based on these characters.
Each princess in these movies has her very own unique character, attributes that are still unknown to the little birthday celebrants. But then their story may have inspired the little girls to pick them as their Disney princess which becomes the basis for princess tea party ideas.
A princess tea party could be the best theme for your daughter’s birthday celebration. Though the collection of Disney princesses is very expansive and hard to select from, I have always considered Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel of Little Mermaid as the most popular to little girls. Other choices could be Belle of Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan and Aurora. Outside of Disney, you have Shrek’s Princess Fiona and Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers. They make princess tea party ideas very wide-ranging.
In the preparation, you consider the invitation, decoration, activities or games and party favors. The main set up is a castle and the little girls wear princess dresses while the boys come in prince attire. The foods could be the same for any chosen theme as these only comprise of light snacks and juice. Those are for the kids. Since the guests will surely be accompanied by adults, then tea can be added drinks to the older visitors.

Princess Tea Party Ideas – Cinderella theme

Isn’t Cinderella known for the Tea Party Ideas- Cinderalla Themedglass slippers? Let the invitation and decorations revolve around this. Cinderella suffers from her step sisters and you can have some adults in the family to dress up as the cruel step mother and sisters. The mother of the celebrant is the fairy godmother. As Cinderella’s friends are magical animals, they could form part of the decorations along with glass shoes. As a game, you can prepare a pair of small glass shoes and find to whose feet those will match. Give away or party favors have pictures of Cinderella or chains with shoes hanging in them. Prizes for the games can be a fairy tale book featuring Cinderella. The celebrant wears an elaborate silvery white gown with a tiara or small crown on her head.

Snow White – the celebrant of a birthday tea party

Another of the great princess tea party ideas pertains to Snow White, also a role model Snow White Tea Party Ideaswho like Cinderella has a cruel step mother. There is no mistaking in her pretty yellow, blue and red dress. On her head is a red head band with ribbon. Peculiar in her story is the poison apple and the seven dwarfs. So the male guests can be in dwarf attires and the girls can come in Sunday or printed sun dresses. Give away could be red apples or other party favors with Snow White princess tea party ideas. The invitation will have Snow White and seven dwarfs glued in the middle of a red apple. The game could be apple eating contest and the prizes for parlor games are fairy tale books on Snow White.

Ariel of Little Mermaid tea party theme

Little Mermaid princess tea party ideasThe birthday celebrant will surely be delighted to wear this costume – not necessarily a tail but an improvised dress resembling a mermaid’s tail. If you are a mother, you can have the dress customized. Choose from the many images in the internet. As a redhead mermaid you can make your little girl wear this wig. I would love to have my daughter’s guests take home a plastic bag half filled with water – with a small gold fish swimming inside. Game could be a singing contest as Ariel in the story, loves to sing. And for the prize – also a fairy tale book about Ariel.
As I said, there are other princesses in fairy tale books and you can always make your child choose the basis of your princess tea party ideas. You can always go back in time – read the story of her chosen princess in order to refresh your memory for designs of invitation decorations, activities and party favors.

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