Princess Tea Party Invitations Ideas For Your Princess

Princess Tea Party Invitations – Who Is the Fairest of them All?:
Princess Tea Party Invitations Invitations are not just printed card boards; they have very important role in creating excitement and anticipation in the celebrant, host and guests. They can be brought from specialty stationery stores or they can be handcrafted. For little girls, the most common choice of theme is princess such that when little daughter’s birthday is nearing, mothers are already on the look-out for beautiful and unique princess tea party invitations.
With a princess motif for the birthday, you can specify in the princess tea party invitations that girls come in gowns and boys be attired as princes or dukes. If mothers are to accompany the children, you can ask them to dress also as queens. But of course, the members of the family of the celebrant have to wear royalty attires.
Your choice is a tea party. This is easier to prepare and not very requiring of bigger budget. Yet with a princess theme, the simple preparation becomes elegant and special.

Walt Disney Princess Tea Party Invitations :

Walt Disney Tea Party InvitationsWith princess or fairyland theme, the usual pick is a princess from Walt Disney films. There are lots to choose from. But, you might have just gone to a Cinderella or Snow White children’s party and you would not want this for your girl. Or perhaps – in her previous birthdays, those were the theme and you need another this time. Here is a list of princesses in Walt Disney stories and you can have your best choice.
I will still mention Cinderella and Snow White. In case this is the first time you are hosting a princess tea party for your daughter, you might want either of them. Their images can be the front of the tea party invitations.
The next princess in my list is Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty princess. So your princess tea party invitations can be a cut out bed with Aurora sleeping on it. You want fish, sea shells and other marine creatures for invitation highlight so you might as well pick Ariel, the Little Mermaid princess. You can have Princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast. You can have a lamp-shaped tea party invitation thus you will have Princess Jasmine of Aladdin. You can also have a flying carpet image here. With my daughter’s long tresses I would love to have her as Pocahontas, the Indian Princess. Bow and arrows and her favorite pet raccoon can be in the invitation. Mulan is a princess adapted by Walt Disney from a legend not a fairy tale like the other princesses. Aside from Mulan’s image, another good representation of the tea party invitation is a China doll as Mulan is of Chinese descent. Princess Tiana is from the Princess and the Frog so the invitation can be Tiana holding a frog. The last in the list is Rapunzel, the Princess incarcerated in tall tower. Your invitation can be tied around with long braided faux hair; you have the enchantress and you can put the following lines in the invitation – “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me”.

Non-Disney princess

There are non-Disney princesses that can be imprinted in your Princess Tea Party Invitations Ideasprincess tea party invitations. Sofia the First is a well-loved TV program. Why don’t you have this new princess? You can have her in the invitation with her two step siblings, Amber and James at the background. Another non-Disney royalty is Shrek’s Princess Fiona. It would be easy to craft the invitation – putting these two characters as the design. Is your family addicted to Nintendo games? It is time to show this off by having a cut out of a gaming console with Princes Peach, the love interest of Super Mario.

A teen-age princess

Having a 15 or 16 year old daughter, her preference for princess tea party invitations is a ballroom with Princess Mia dancing in the middle. Or – the invitation can have an image of Princess Mia and her grandmother Queen Clarisse seated in the royal throne. You can have diaries for invitations. This is from the movie Princess Diaries.
You see, the type of princess tea party invitations is countless. It is just upon the host or the celebrant to pick the fairest princess of them all.

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