Tea Party Baby Shower – Welcoming an Angel

Baby is Coming – Tea Party Baby Shower to Welcome a Little Angel:
Tea Party Baby Shower The coming of the baby is exciting – not only to the mother but to the entire family, friends and relatives. The little baby is pampered while still in the womb. Thus, everyone think of giving the little bundle of joy a grand welcome, even before he or she comes to the world. Thus, the concept of baby shower was born. And many people doing this kind of celebration conceptualize the tea party baby shower – a party to flood him or her with gifts that he or she will need when delivered.
Hosting a tea party baby shower is not limited to the baby’s mother or parents. Even friends or relatives of the parents can sponsor this kind of party. Much like any tea party that is centered on gift-giving, the tea party for the expected baby is themed in order for the little infant to receive gifts that she will need from the time she is born to the growing months. Whether the host wants it to be big or small, she can make use of tea party baby shower ideas that do not need to be expensive – just memorable to remember the momentous event.

Details of tea party baby showerTheme for Baby Shower

The host (if she is not the mother) has to coordinate with the baby’s mother in the planning of the tea party baby shower. Such kinds of party normally take place in mid-afternoon. The time is basically the origin of the name – mid-afternoon is a traditional tea time. This is more inexpensive than any sit-down party because the usual foods consist of simple finger foods and light snacks with tea as drink. Biscuits, small sized sandwiches, bite-sized cakes and pastries constitute the finger foods. But if you want to show off to the guests – it is not in form of the foods but on the different kinds of world-class tea served in shinning silver tea cups.
You can choose your theme and it is from this that the invitations, decorations, souvenir give-away and gifts from guests are determined.
BTW If you ever run out of decorating ideas for a tea party baby shower,check this youtube video by Tri Tohaz out :

Theme is gender sensitive.

The most that you can do is to let the guests know the gender of the coming baby. This is now possible because the ultrasound of the fetus can already tell accurately the gender of the coming baby. It also determines if it is a multiple or singleton pregnancy.
Will the theme be for one gender (singleton and identical twins) or two (fraternal twins)? Since the gender of the baby can be known already by the time the tea party baby shower is held, the chosen color or the theme can correspond to the baby’s gender – pink for girl and blue for boy. For fraternal twins where the two can have different genders, you can have both colors and themes such as “Two Peas in a Pod” or “Perfect Pair”. Your invitation should reflect a description of the babies – boy or girl, singleton, identical twin or fraternal twin. Though multiple births such as triplets, quadruplets and more babies are remote possibilities, if this happens then your theme should reflect the expected number of petite infants.

A very sensible and practical theme for baby shower

Diaper Themer Tea Party Baby ShowerMy most practical suggestion for a theme is to name the party as “Diaper Tea Party Baby Shower”. This is not only practical but inexpensive and fun. Diapers are among the most important necessities of the newborn. From the time it is delivered to his growing months into toddler age, diapers are needed, not only one in a day but three or even more 24/7. The invitation will reflect the diaper theme. But you do not want the gifts to be of one size only – some of the diapers may be useless when the fast-growing baby outgrow them. Each guest will have a specified size of diaper to give the baby and you can indicate this request in the invitation. As a result, the baby will have a variety in size of diapers. This could be a big savings on the part of the mother – or the breadwinner father.
In exchange for the gifts, you as the host can also prepare the give-away. What about giving each guest a unique tea cup with the date of the tea party baby shower imprinted or painted on it? Or perhaps, you can prepare a pouch (pink or blue depending on the baby’s gender) then put inside it a couple of special tea bags.
Preparing a tea party baby shower is not really a daunting task, whether it is the mother or another person hosting the party. What is important is the significance of the event, not the cost and the extravagance of the invitations, set-up and food.

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