Tea Party Invitations – The Ultimate Guide

Although only few are invited to a tea party, each guest should be properly informed of the event. Learn how to make great tea party invitations.

An Advice to the Hostess –Tea Party Invitations Are a Must. A tea

Tea Party Invitations
Tea Party Invitations Card

party may differ in      many ways from any ordinary party, although it may also take the form of formal or informal gathering. The atmosphere here is very relaxed with only simple foods to feast on. Being a tea party, it follows the timing of a regular afternoon tea which takes place between 2 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Despite the simplicity, the hostess or host of this kind of party is still bound to prepare tea party invitations. There are few guests but each one is properly informed of the details of the event thus there should be one invitation for each one of them.
It is very paramount that during the party, guests enjoy their exchange of stories and ideas while they sip their cups of tea.

Who do you invite to this affair?  –

They normally comprise of very specific circles of friends who may know each other so each one can relate to the stories or anecdotes of the rest. They are seated around a table to make the atmosphere more cordial and relaxed. In some instances, it could be a bigger gathering but the host sees to it that the seating arrangement will group together guests who are familiar with the each other.
This is the set up and this is actual day. But before this date, the host has to attend to the specific details of the tea party invitations.

The need for tea party invitations

Your tea party has a few guests only so you want that everyone attends. You do not want a small number of attendees to be further reduced. You then have to entice your expected guests to come and one way is through alluring and meaningful tea party invitations.
This is the very reason why I consider the invitations to be a must. The simple card sent to the guest prior to the party tells the recipient of many things. If it is a theme party, the invitation is of the theme so the guest will know what to wear. Do you think the tea party does not call for dress code? It does and the guest can easily know what to wear because of the card’s prints and design. The tea party invitation will be a reminder of a commitment.

Content of the invitation

As an important component, the invitation tells a person that he is invited to a tea party. The date is given. Although a tea party is understood to commence at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, it is still advisable that you put the time in the card. The piece of card does not only tell the guest what to wear but it is also indicative of what he could bring to the party and what he could expect from the party.
The venue is given. However if this is not the same as the host’s RSVP Card Tea Partyresidence, it may include a sketch or map on how to locate the venue. You can add some highlights in the card such as verses, short poems or quotations. You can phrase the date, time and other details in any manner that you want. There is no stereotype format. But of course, make your wordings polite and you can also include RSVP card or number to call or text.

Designing the invitation

Tea Party Invitations Card DesignThe tea party invitations can be handwritten or printed. As handwritten, you personalize your invitation. So – you can say that it can be homemade or it can be ordered from invitation printer. And there is one other way – you can buy a ready-made tea party invitation cards.
So you want your guest to remember your invitation card; make it unique. You can insert catchy phrases or jokes that remind your guests of some memories of your friendship and camaraderie. As much as possible, you refrain from the traditional boring designs. Focus on tea party invitations that with just a glance, the guest gets an idea of all the details and entirety of the party.
Great tea party invitations can never be expensive if you use your creativity. This means, it is cheaper to make personalized homemade kinds. This way you make your guests feel very important. As a result, they may cancel their previous appointments because they would feel that your tea party is one that should not be missed.


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